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Oct 3, 2012 5:30pm EDT
seniir in connnction withhthe violence. darrell johns faces several charges... including attempted first teen's bbil review this thee - morning, johns' attorney told real victim. is client is the p3&8:46:399it appears that thhr are two vastly different storiie ere the state has made a claim of attempted client nd his other :50 it seems to be a case of self defenne ann bullying where the system faiied my clienn ::2 attorney has been given n additional 4 hours to gathee evidence and witnesses to support his bullying defense. wire tappiig investigation ral helped shut down a major drug ring opeeation in harford county. almost two dozen arrests were made in the edgewooo area. residents are relieved and tell us theegang boom boom i thought it was somebodyybreekinn intt my home but it was a rive by tomorrow, police have scheduled a news conffrence tt reveal more details about how thee shut down the dangerous drug operation. you may eventually see an addee surcharrg on your bill. it's justtone recommendations of aguberntorial task force....xaminingwhat can be done to reduce the l
Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
eld without bail. bail.the judge saying she believes 17 yeer old darrell johns would pose a risk to public safett if he were haa never been in trouble. for ohns mother the decisiio ame as a shock. sot 12:15:27i'm just upset that the judge didn't look and listen to the fact thht my ssn was justtacting in self defense he feareddfor his life. life.johns is accused of ptabbing a student t herrtage high earrier this week.his family says johns was beeng bullied.a claim,,his victimms a judgeehas sentenced two en for a caajackinggthat led to a dramatic chase..this is video wwebrought you in february of last year when davvn mccoy and frank richardson approaahed a woman entering her car near patterson avenue and eberle drive.they threatened her, in her car, leading police n a six mile chase. mccoy was sentenced today to 35 yearssin prison. riihardson received 25 years. ii's a custody case hat has police investigating &ptonight.janice aak tells us, identified the three officers involved in the deatt f anthony anderson. janice? the officers have been identiiied as tood strohman, gregg boyd, and
Oct 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
../.and... &p injectedddirectly... into... the spine john dreyzehner/tn healtt commissionerr21::2218 "when you take a bacterraaor a fungus and it's ppysically placed in a noomally sterilee space with particular situations it can wreak real havok and that may be what's occurriig in this situation." situation."the... "neww england... compounding center"... in massachusetts... makes the drugg./.and... recalled... 3 lots... of the drug,... dating back... to july...//. unllke... other forms... of meningitis.../this... transmitted... frrm... person-to-person policc say a body has been river.the body was found na rivr around 8-300this morning near the pier at hutchins park in havre de gracepolice blocked off tte park entrance at the foot of congress avenue.the vvctim appears to be a woman, but he cause of death is still unknown. 3 3 police have arrested couple in buuglaaies in howard county. - county. the burglaas kicked in doors in several neighborhoods laat month. police have now charged joseph baumgarten aadddianna marketti with four of the break ins. they were ied to ravens t
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm EDT
clifton high schooo complex.the victim s liited in stable condition aa johns hopkins hospital. and pollce ssa they are questioning a person of iiterest in the incident. customs agents reportedly seized more than a pound of cocaine from traveler at dulles nternational airport. the man arriied at the airport saturday afternoon oo a flight from gatemala.officers saad two white jars with false side - linings.the alleged courier has been sent back to guatemmla and is banned from returning to tte u-s for at least five years.thhs is the kind this month. an owings mills man is being hhld at the baltimore ounty detentton center....accused f sexually abusing two teenage spring.anttony cottle is facing charges incluuing sexual abuse offa minor andd second degree assault.police said ooe of the 23-year-ood's abuse.according to the teen, it happened this pass may while cottle was staying with his fammly.cottle aaso once wwrkee for the baltiiore county fire epartment.poliie believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to call the 3 in a rare interview d-c sniper lle bo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4